Sunday, 22 February 2009

love to print.

love to print is a little project masterminded by karoline rerrie, featuring lots of girl illustrators (including my spectacular sister sarah lynch) printing mildly romantical cards, postcards and prints.

my efforts included; a 'you're my type' typewriter and a pair of smitten mittens with string that loops into a loveheart. we printed them in smallish runs of 50-200 down at birmingham printmakers in digbeth.

so far things have been going swimmingly, due to lots of hardwork from everyone involved, but especially from karoline - you can read more about the project and the other artists involved over at the love to print blog.

you can also see some prints by sarah lynch, karoline rerrie, sarah ray and me on display at:

warehouse cafe
54-57 alison street
b5 5th