Sunday, 13 September 2009


on friday i went to the opening of the new inky goodness exhibition 'wonderland' at the custard factory. there is a lot of lovely work on display, including prints and paintings by several of the love to print girls; yee ting kuit, karoline rerrie, gemma correll and sarah ray.

all four are also involved in another collective: girls who draw, along with the very talented illustrator kate hindley (amongst others), whose whimsical work is also on display at 'wonderland' and available at the inky goodness shop, where i snapped up these badges:

you can buy love to print and girls who draw products at the inky goodness shop, including the new girls who draw postcard book: menagerie.

cherry cherry.

love to print currently have an exhibition at cherry cherry in norwich, the theme is 'obsession' (like the zine out now! check the love to print blog for stockists). here is a snap of the camera prints i did:

if you're in the area go check it out! prints are available to buy, amongst lots of other lovely stock at cherry cherry! (thanks to kate seaward for organising the exhibition and to karoline rerrie for transporting the prints safely to their destination).

Monday, 3 August 2009

bird girl.

printing bird girl prints.

cards galore!

oh no! ink on the bed! cleaned up and left ship shape because we are good girls and live in fear of the snooty boots brigade!


more muffins.

mmm muffins!

get well soon bird girl!

Monday, 13 July 2009

dusty old things.

once upon a time i liked playing with tools, mdf, spraypaint and vinyl, here are some of the things i made (i also made the mess in the background).

Thursday, 18 June 2009


us lovers of print have compiled a zine all about our obsessions - the covers are hand printed so we've been busy the past couple of weeks.
here's the first layer of the cover (design by gemma correll):
the reverse of the cover (design by yee ting kuit):
and a sneak peek at the finished cover (the second layer was printed by the hands of yee, sarah and karoline):

i'm excited to see the finished product!

lazy blogface.

i am a lazy blogger, but i haven't been lazy in other areas - i printed more typewriter cards...experience the wonders of the printing process:

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

actual factual.

forgot to post the card - whoops. here it is in all it's cream, coral and purple glory.

moms ftw!

more printing is happening as part of love to print. my contribution is a rosette, to be awarded to your no.1!

take a gander at the printing action!

for once everything went to plan! the exposure was crisp, the ink didn't run, everything lined up and there weren't too many reject cards - even though my printing skills are rather shonky.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

love to print.

love to print is a little project masterminded by karoline rerrie, featuring lots of girl illustrators (including my spectacular sister sarah lynch) printing mildly romantical cards, postcards and prints.

my efforts included; a 'you're my type' typewriter and a pair of smitten mittens with string that loops into a loveheart. we printed them in smallish runs of 50-200 down at birmingham printmakers in digbeth.

so far things have been going swimmingly, due to lots of hardwork from everyone involved, but especially from karoline - you can read more about the project and the other artists involved over at the love to print blog.

you can also see some prints by sarah lynch, karoline rerrie, sarah ray and me on display at:

warehouse cafe
54-57 alison street
b5 5th